Duru’s Experience

Had a great experience at Duru’s. The suits and shirts fit very well and if you can avail of one of their specials, theres absolutely no reason to buy off the rack suits and shirts anymore. I’ve also tried other custom tailors in the Loop and while their suits/shirts also fit nicely, they are pricier for what essentially is the same quality product. Would definitely (and already have) recommend others to try out Durus. — Bill H.

Excellent fitting suit! My first custom tailoring experience and I enjoyed everything from start to finish – the fabric selection process, the fitting process and of course showcasing the suit. Thanks Durus! — Bobby J.

Overall great experience. It was a pleasure to work with the employees at Duru’s, not to mention the suit turned out to be perfect. Very helpful in picking out materials, style & fits. If you have never had a custom suit made I would highly recommend giving Duru’s a shot. You will be pleasantly surprised. —- James P.

This was my first experience getting a custom suit. After a custom fitting, I was given a very wide selection of fabric options allowing me to create a truly custom suit. The service was outstanding and the suit fits like a glove. There is no better feeling than wearing a well fitted suit with my name sewn on the inside, and there is no better place to get a suit than Duru’s. —- Sarvesh D.

I got a great suit custom made, the measurements were perfect, and having never purchased a tailored suit before, I found the entire experience both fun and relaxed. —- Patrick W.

First ever custom suit – awesome….and I ordered another one. I liked the fit of everything, except thought the sleeves were too short. They got fixed without question and the suit looks great. It fits well and looks even better. — William F.

Got a custom made suit here and I love it. It fits like a glove, and you can easily tell the difference compared to an off the rack suit. They did a fantastic job, and the whole process is fun. —- Robert C.

Purchased custom made shirts here 2 years ago. Shirts have held up great and turn out to be a better value that store-bought. They are tailored to fit me exactly, are made from excellent fabric and include cuff initial embroidery. I can contrast this business to Mohan’s in New York and state that Duru’s is superior, in service, quality and price. —- Charles A.

This place isn’t just for guys. Ladies, if you have any delicate fabrics that need to be altered and you don’t trust the tailor at the dry cleaner to do it then try this place. I’ve had a few formal dresses altered here and they turned out amazing! One dress needed the straps shortened and instead of folding it over (like most people would do) they cut it so it was completely seamless. Another dress needed to be taken in on the sides but it had boning in the bodice. He took the entire top apart and remade it. Of course I couldn’t tell any difference except that it fit. The best part was I didn’t pay an arm and a leg (especially for all the work he had to do). As far as customer service goes….it’s top notch! There has been more than a few times he has helped me in a pinch. I was invited last minute to the Marine Corp ball and needed a dress altered in 2 days. I ran in 5 minutes before they closed and he took the time to fit me and had all the work finished in 2 days. —- Allison P.

I have been gong to Duru’s for over 15 years. I have trouble with off the rack clothes, and as soon as I realized I could get suits of the highest quality for a similiar price I was hooked. Kenny is amazing, and each of my 15+ suits has fit like a glove the first time. In addition to a nearly unlimited selection of styles and fabrics, I have always been treated with great care..In addition, I still wear suits that are over 10 years old from Duru’s! I have referred many people over the years to Kenny and they still go see him.. —- Jon B.

I stopped into Duru’s when I was visiting Chicago,over a year ago, attracted by their window display. The sales people inside were very pleasant and knowledgeable. I ended up having 4 shirts custom made, the first time ever that I had not bought the usual department store brands. These shirts fit perfectly, and the wear is exceptional. I wear each shirt at least once a week, after which it is laundered and returned to me. 18 months later, they still look and fit great. The shirts can be worn with no ironing, if desired, though my wife usually does some touch up work on them. When she travels, I do not iron the shirts; I just hang them up and they look great.

Recently, I ordered 5 additional shirts to replace some department store shirts that were wearing out. Ken at Duru’s remembered me and still had my measurements. The sent fabric samples (which I was asked to return) so that my wife and I could make choices. The shirts arrived about 3 weeks later, and look fabtastic. These shirts cost me less than a really good shirt at Nordstroms, but look, last and fit better. —- Gil T.

I have bought 3 suits from Duru’s and each time, had fantastic service from Ken. I even brought one suit back 2 months after final alterations because i had “changed shape” haha, and Duru’s adjusted my suit without any questions. The bottom line is if you want a perfectly tailored custom suit, it is not free. At Durus, you can get an amazing modern fitting Suit for under 1000 which is fantastic considering you will pay the same for a hugo boss suit off the rack. I have referred friends of mine to Durus and they were all satisfied as well. The turnaround time is great, and the final result is quality for the price. I have worn a suit everyday for work for over 15 years, and would recommend this place to anyone looking to get in the custom suit game. —- David M.

I bought the Groupon and am 100% satisfied with the decision. Yes, I had to pay more the higher quality material. Nominal amount to get to the super 150’s. The fit and quality of the material are 1st rate, its up there with my $2,500 Armani. Will definitely be a return customer! I urge you to go in there and experience a truly custom suit, even well tailored off the rack suits wont compare! —- Raj R.

Service, attention to detail and selection were all superb. The final product is the finest suit I have ever owned. Impeccably fit and tailored, it looks and feels like a suit costing several times more. Treat yourself to bespoke tailoring without the luxury price tag. —- John L.