Custom Tailored Suits

At Duru’s, we only use the finest fabrics from London and Italy to compliment our precision fitting. Whether you’re looking to impress your colleagues or simply trying to portray the casual look, Duru’s has a variety of suiting styles that are sure to satisfy every occasion.

Choose from a number of classic styles such as:
one, two, three or four button single-breasted, or
four or six button double-breasted

or choose from a variety of modern, slim-fit styles.

Custom Tailored Dress Shirts

At Duru’s, we believe a custom tailored shirt is the best way to accent that stylish suit. With a broad range of fabrics and styles, it is sometimes difficult to find a shirt that meets every one of your needs. Our expertise will ensure that your fabric, collar, cuffs and pockets all reflect your style and needs.

Custom Tailored Slacks and Sport Coats

A wide variety of fabrics and styles will ensure that your slacks fit every facet of your lifestyle. Our expertise in tailoring is sure to leave your custom fitted slacks, not only stylish, but comfortable as well.

At Duru’s Custom Shirts and Suits, you will have the freedom to choose every detail of your custom tailored slacks and sport coat. Choose from a number of classic or modern styles and select each fine detail such as lapel, vents, jacket length and pocket styles to ensure that your custom wear best represents you and your lifestyle.

Custom Formal Wear
We understand the need to look presentable at all types of occasions. Our formal wear designs and custom fitted tuxedos will distinguish you from a crowd in the ball room. Choose from hundreds of tuxedo fabrics and styles and don’t forget to polish it off with a custom tailored tuxedo shirt and formal wear accessories.

Custom Outerwear

Our tailoring versatility allows your experience at Duru’s to be thorough and complete. Top off that stylish Duru’s suit with a custom tailored topcoat made from the finest fabrics in the world.

Choose from a number of available classic and modern styles and select from a variety of finishing touches to make your overcoat a perfect compliment to that Duru’s custom tailored suit and dress shirt.


We offer a variety of neckwear designs that is sure to add that finishing touch to the custom tailoring experience. Cuff links, tie clips and pocket squares are available as well.

Choose from hundreds of neckwear options and brands such as Bill Blass, Adolfo, Crestview and Bergamo New York, amongst many others.